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Cheffie’s Green Line Loyalty® Program

Cheffie’s Cafe Green Line Loyalty®

Our program rewards guests with every purchase.  It’s very simple to sign up and use, too.  One dollar equals one point.  After a guest reaches 150 points $10 in Cheffie’s Bucks will be added to the account.  Green Line Loyalty® also applies to catering!

$1 = 1 Point

Rewards become active after 150 points have been accumulated. For catering customers your points will build quickly!  The program also automatically sends special birthday points, too.  Please tell your friends about Cheffie’s Cafe Green Line Loyalty® program.

Click on the Sign Up button and select “Create an Account”.  Complete the information and then confirm your account via email.  You will then be actively enrolled in Cheffie’s Cafe Green Line Loyalty® program.  Come visit us any time…we will see you soon!


Check your loyalty balance!

Please click here and sign in to your account to check the balance on your account. Or please provide the cashier with your phone number so they can check your balance for you.

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At Cheffie’s Cafe we invite you to “Be the Chef!”

Choose from our menu of masterfully designed sandwiches and salads or build your own custom crafted meal.


Your choice of lettuce mixed with fresh ingredients and homemade salad dressings. Get it chopped and tossed!



Your choice of fresh breads top with all natural meats and toppings of your choice. We have wraps, too!



Check out our catering page and make your order today. Add points to your loyalty account!